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Good Suggestion Guide
« : April 04, 2013, 06:20:28 PM »
*originally written by Killerdude8*

Well, the current Idea posting guide posted by Nick, is well, "malnourished" in my opinion, so with a template i found on the Runescape forums, i have created a more detailed guide. Hopefully this will result in better composed ideas threads!

The Ideas section on the forums receive a bunch of new ideas every day, some are great and others are.. well.. not so great, Anyways, this guide should help you post your idea in a really good way!

Step 1: Coming up with an idea

Here are a few key points to coming up with a perfect suggestion:
Think of a need, fill that need.
Try and think of something missing from the game. You should then look at thinking up a logical solution to fill that gap in the game.

It's also a good idea to think about whether it's really worth adding. 

Think about what impact such a suggestion could have, This is probably the most important point when it comes to making an idea.

Balance is a major issue for ensuring a good suggestion. An idea might sound good because it makes something easier but if that has a major negative impact on other areas of the game, such as imbalance to gameplay or an unfair advantage in challenge maps, the list could go on!

Ask yourself whether your suggestion justifies any major impact to the game. If it would only make things a tiny bit easier but could cause balancing issues then you may need to go back to the drawing board.

Think of more detailed information, not just the basics!

Bad - There should be a rock monster, it will be called a golem, it has 100 HP and throw rocks.

Good - There should be a Rock monster, it will be called (element name) Golem. It will have 100 HP and be immune to damage from a tool made of the same element, Diamond goelm immune to damage from diamond tools, etc.. Depending on what element the Golem is composed of, it will spawn in the layers that its element are found on.

In the event that this idea needs to or will need to be crafted include a recipe, Also if the item in question is not obtainable via crafting, include a way to obtain said object. If this idea includes an ore please include spawn rate and what levels the ore can spawn in.

A Good Idea is what I call a Global Idea. These are ideas that improve the game for everyone in a positive way, things like Day/Night, Copy/Paste, Water and Lava Physics, better graphics (all coming), etc.

What we don't need is what I call a Personal Idea. These are ideas that improve the game... but for the player themselves. Usually these ideas originate because the player wants to do or have something in their individual game. However, instead of working within the game's structure, the player wants the developers to just change the game itself. The problem is the player doesn't realize the development time involved- for basically a personalized request. When coming up with an idea don't forget that not everybody will appreciate, (or need) your idea in the game (or, even if they don't use it, appreciate that others will have or use it).

You should also avoid falling into the trap of just trying to come up with something, if you're going to suggest something it should have a purpose and not JUST to be there.

Step 2: Presenting your idea on the forums

Presenting your idea well is a really good way of ensuring it gets noticed. Here are a few tips:

Use the 'Search' bar/button!
Your first step should just be to see if an idea has already been suggested. If it has there is no real need to suggest it again unless you've thought of a completely new way of handling that suggestion.

Post it in the right suggestions forums.
It is important to consider in which forum your idea belongs. This way it will be easier for other forum users and the Developer's to find the type of ideas we're looking for.

Get straight to the point with the title
It's tempting to have titles like "Must have this" or "Ultimate Idea!" but those don't actually help in getting your ideas across. You can make it easier for your ideas to gain further notice by clearly stating what you are suggesting in the title. If you are suggesting a new block type, say.. Copper, for example then make your title 'Copper Ore/Block'. Simple!

Make yourself presentable
Use clear language when making your suggestion and avoid falling into the pitfalls of being overly negative about why you think certain things don't work or are left out. Remember that you have all the time in the world to create your thread so there is no need to rush it.

Hook your reader
When you make a suggestion, or any thread really, you need to make sure you grab your reader quickly. Having pages of text to find what you are proposing may put people off. There are loads of suggestions every day so it really helps if people can see what you are suggesting quickly.

A good thing to add to your suggestion is a diagram, these help present your idea! Diagrams can range from really simple, to the extremely detailed, but regardless of how detailed, it is always good to include one where possible.


PS: this is a terrible example, but an example nonetheless..

Step 3: Feedback

Once you've posted your idea you'll soon find others giving their opinions on it. Here are a few guidelines for surviving the third stage of your suggestion:

Be prepared to accept negative responses
Not everyone will agree that your suggestion is suitable for the game. It can be disheartening to hear that some people disagree with you but don't be dismayed, all feedback can help you to shape an idea into something better. You should consider what others have to say and if you agree think about incorporating their ideas, or provide your own counter arguments if you disagree.

Whilst the Developers may have not replied to your thread that doesn't mean your idea hasn't been considered.
« : April 04, 2013, 06:23:31 PM bob »


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