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:  Demi-God Avatars  ( 8322 )

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Re: Demi-God Avatars
« #30 : March 16, 2019, 03:14:54 AM »
Took me 5 months or so. I had 3 maps that had 200+ rates on each of them. I spent ages going around and rating other peopleís maps.

Donít even get me started on getting all the unlockables required... Handyman was so annoying.

The current way to unlock them shouldnít be changed as anyone who puts the time in can unlock them.
How many people own them on the new method.?

On 360 I donít believe there were more than 5 people though I could be wrong. I think most people are too lazy to get them tbh :P I like the current way and to switch back would just be ludicrous.


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