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Total Miner Discussion / [Other] Total Miner Discord
« on: December 27, 2016, 05:04:45 PM »

Total Miner Now has a Discord Server and we are recognized by Discord as an "Official Partner", everyone is welcome and encouraged to join.

This is a great way to meet and stay in contact with active total miner players, new total miner players, and people who may not play Total Miner yet but are interested in checking out the game. So whether If you're working on something neat in TM you want to show off, just want some quick advice with a script, or simply want to gossip and find new people to play with, hop in.

You can also take part in Contests / Events / Xbox-Steam Card Giveaways

Simple questions can be answered relatively fast in the discord, although if you have a question requiring a more technical answer we ask that you post it here on the forums. This way a better answer can be provided, and it's logged for all others to see who might also have the same question.

Craig our developer is also a member of this chat.

Anyone who joins before the PC version is released, will be tagged "Pre-PC"

Also using the same roles as the forums/Color Spice, so many of your forum positions / awards / permissions will carry over as roles on the Discord Server

We'd love to rely on the older experienced members to help answer new and prospective members questions.
Keep in mind the Discord is still brand new, so expect it to be a little quiet at times as we're just getting started!


Congrats everyone!

Our server now has over 100,000 messages sent, and that is excluding bot replies, wow  :-X

On top of that we were just recently recognized by Discord as an "Official Partner" So they have

  • Upgraded our servers
  • Given us a new vanity link:
  • Let us have a custom invite splash page
  • And I think we get early access to new update features which they are testing

I also want to extend thanks to all our staff, thanks a bunch guys for making this work!


Contest League

We are also planning to start a contest league for total miner this year, however we are going to wait and start the league until PC version is out.

Links for everything you need to know on how to sign up for the league can be found on the announcements chat on our discord server

Currently there will be a few stand alone contests, and random give aways

Assorted Types of Contests will be held Bi-weekly,

Prizes will either be Xbox Live gift cards or Steam cards/games at request. Seasonal winners will win a plaque along with an undetermined cash award.

(The current calendar is an example and WILL change, the League will not start until PC Release. And because we don't have an exact date on when that may be all dates will change/be pushed back)

All links to contests sign ups and their times will posted on the calendar dates a week before the actual contests, as well as pinned in the discord announcements, More detailed information and rules are also linked on the calendar. It's pretty much the master source.

Parkour and PVP contests will be run through
So make sure to create an account there, It makes sign-ups / check-ins much more organized.
Again all "challonge" links registrations and check ins can be found on the calendar

All rules and points scoring data are subject to change before the start of the league, its semi-wip

As of now contests will consist of


And will continue to grow

The points system will be unique to contest types so contests such as building will offer more seasonal points than those of parkour. I'll do my best to find an appropriate balance

Also your Contest Ideas are wholeheartedly welcome,

Your world / Null v3 Challenge
« on: September 05, 2016, 11:43:18 AM »
Look for "Derfen Steve" hosting Null v3 after 2.5

Traditional-ISH Challenge Map, It should be fun for noobs and professionals alike.

It is a very simple world? It's only focus is to bring as much pleasure as possible for a challenge genre. Whether you're new to challenges or If you're a hardened veteran craving a good adventure, don't miss out. I created this to be my ideal map that I dream of joining when searching for challenge maps, Since none exist.

No Pictures, No info, only awareness. Not to worry, I won't make joining, favoriting, and rating a waste of your time.

I'll update this topic after 2.5

Oh yea, I'll have some "goodies" (Derfen style) for the first x# of people who complete it ;)

General Discussion / 5.6 Oklahoma Earthquake
« on: September 03, 2016, 11:07:05 AM »

Anyone else feel the earthquake this morning?

Ideas / Clan name display
« on: March 31, 2016, 12:38:20 AM »
When in a clan, Clan name should display in player HUD, and also above players nameplates or next to banners.

Ideas / Auto name/Create script unused reference.
« on: February 04, 2016, 11:47:58 PM »
If the command you have highlighted in the script editor is a command that references another script, such as a Script command or a SetEventScript command, pressing the Start button will open a new editor window with the referenced script loaded.

When pressing start on a script that does not have a reference link existing yet, It should create a new script with the title that you have tried to reference.

Ideas / Randomize Seed, static params
« on: February 04, 2016, 12:12:04 AM »
We need an option that will allow us to change or randomize the world seed without it changing our params,
It gets annoying having to enter my parameters every time I change the seed.

Perhaps on the first time your loading a new world the params are randomized, but if you change the seed your params will stick.

EDIT: It would be even nicer if on the terrain preview screen we could keep pressing "x" to randomize the seed without it changing any of the params.

Ideas / Mob Restructure / Behavior
« on: January 04, 2016, 05:38:01 AM »
In this post I'll only be addressing a few Ideas, I'll work on ideas for the rest later, At the time its late and I need sleep. I will be making behavior suggestions soon, this is very unfinished atm

I'd like to party up with metal sometime and discuss ideas in detail I think some sort of merge between us would be nice


Immediately Hostile SOLO mobs Found on surface during Day,

Madman   |   Rare day solo mob
Bomberman | Rare day solo mob

Immediately Hostile SOLO mobs Found on surface during Night,

TrollChief   | Rare night solo mob
Diablo          | Rare night solo mob
InvaderMan   | Rare night solo mob
Terminator   | Rare night solo mob

Peaceful SOLO mobs (unless attacked) Found on surface during Day,

(please suggest more and suggest behavior / talk / trade options)


Damage Dealing
Tiers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Tier 1 mobs


Tier 2 mobs


Tier 3 mobs


Tier 4 mobs


Tier 5 mobs very rare spawn Occurrence


Boss Mob (5 minute time-limit to defeat else mob flees) (once banished mob does not re-spawn) (Ideal 10+ night cycles to run into mob)

HermesWraith --- Has a chance to spawn at night, always Spawns with necromancer Party
Zeus --- Has a chance to spawn at day, always Spawns with holy Party

The idea is to jack the health of these mobs really high and have the angels/skeletons only unkill-able until boss is banished, so its like a "raid boss" that need a party of your own or your friends to defeat, Killing/banishing would unlock demi-god or demi-goddess depending on what party was destroyed, Only one player would unlock, therefore everyone will be trying to drain the mob health.

Exceptionally Rare spawn Occurrence


Partys (Behavior suggestions to be added)

Royal Party | Peaceful Day Party Unless Attacked

Commander - King x1| Princess x1
Loot - Entrepreneur x2
Captain - GoldenKnight x1
Defence - Knight x3 | Guard x5

Demon Party | Hostile Night Party

Commander - Diablo x1
Loot - TrollBoy x1 | TrollGirl x1
Captain - TrollChief x2
Defence - Djinn x2 | Goblin x5

Necromancer Party | Hostile Night Party

Commander - HermesWraith x1
Loot -  Diablo x3
Captain - Skeleton x3
Defence - Zombie x5 | Terminator x5

Holy Party | Peaceful Day Party Unless Attacked

Commander - Zeus x1
Loot - Templar x2
Captain - DemiGod x1 | DemiGoddess x1
Defence - Angel x4 | GoldenKnight x5

Wild Party 1  | Hostile Night OR Day Party

Commander - TrollChief x1
Captain - TrollBoy x1 | TrollGirl x1
Defence - Goblin x3 | Orc x2

Wild Party 2  | Hostile Night OR Day Party

Commander - Orc x1
Captain - TrollBoy x1
Defence - Goblin x3

Bandit Party 1 | Hostile Day Party

Commander - Madman x1
Loot - Pirate x1
Captain - Prisoner x1
Defence - Hobo x2 | Goblin x2

Werewolf party | Hostile Night Party

Defence - Werewolf x5

Indian party | Peaceful Day Party Unless Attacked

Defence - Indian x5

Invader Party | Hostile Night Party

Defence - InvaderMan x3 | Alien x5

Dwarf Party | Peaceful Day Party Unless Attacked

Defence - Dwarf1 x1 | Dwarf2 x1 | Dwarf3 x1 | Dwarf4 x1 | Dwarf5 x1 | Dwarf6 x1

Graphics / TMF Color Spice Database
« on: January 02, 2016, 02:48:15 AM »

Here is a database where you can tweak the forums visuals to your liking,

TMF Color Spice Database, Extends the variety of username colors, THESE ARE NOT Used for individual custom name colors, this is a legitimate list that distinguishes users based on their Forum Position/Avatar Unlocks/Forum Awards

Change Topic Colors by inserting Topic ID's Leave "0" for no effect.

Set Custom Window Colors

Change Transparency "0.94" or "0.99"<<< RECCOMENDED

You May need to shorten Long URL's of custom backgrounds


There is Preset filled data For everything so Its Recommended you try out my default settings and then tweak to your liking from there

Feedback Appreciated

-------------------V 1.0------------------------
User Group Color Added
-----------------V 1.1-1.5----------------------
Fixed Proper Hex Values
Artists Hex now #FFAF40
Topic Color 3 Spots Added!
Development Board Now Red
-------------------V 2.0------------------------
Temporary Background Added
2 Window Colors Added "Default looks Nice"
Custom Transparency Added "0.94" "0.99" <<< Suggestions
Border Spacing 3 Pix
Added Selection Color Gold/Blue
Sticky BG Color
Chatbox Space
-------------------V 2.1------------------------
Custom Backgrounds
-------------------V 2.2------------------------
Recolor Of countless buttons/text
-------------------V 2.3------------------------
Added 16 New Names
Removed Fergie from moderator
-------------------V 2.4------------------------
Added Modder group
Removed Campbel from Dev
Removed Kitty from tester
Removed Bold From Robotic And Artists
-------------------HEX KEY------------------------
Admin #156FE6
Developer #DE2626
Contributor #FFFFFF
Tester #663399
Moderator #22A6FF
Robotic #2D8C8B
Modder #f38652
Artists #FFAF40

-------------------Coming Soon--------------------
Updated Legend Key

You may use this With or Without "The Gold Knight" forum styler, So if you like the new awards then this is separate.
If you like the old awards feel free to enable both styles.

The Gold Knights Topic

Total Miner Discussion / Beast Total Rush Run
« on: October 15, 2015, 01:11:33 AM »
Click the gear in the bottom right corner and Set the Playback speed to X2 as to not to bore yourself

Complimentary music :P

Total Miner Discussion / Total Rush Discussion and Highscores [TOP TEN]
« on: September 28, 2015, 10:35:39 PM »


1, Only the TOP 10 scores will be added to the OP,

2, Each of the TOP 10 scores, will be verified, (Only way truly to confirm score, due to old bug I don't want to be a stickler but I want the list to be completely accurate/legit.)

3, Feel free to post your high-scores scores even if they do not make the top ten,

4, This can be used as a general total rush discussion topic, your tactics/questions ect.

Tips From Craig
Spoiler for Hidden Content:
Some facts/hints.

  • Your hitbox is the little red box at the center of your ship (2x2 pixels). Enemy bullets must hit that little red box to destroy you. They have no effect when hitting other parts of your ship. Use this knowledge to navigate through dense bullet waves.
  • The faster you kill an enemy ship, the more points you get for killing it.
  • Don't stay in one place, especially when fighting bosses.
  • Only blue aliens leave pickups.
  • Red pickups increase your firepower.
  • It takes approx 60 pickups to reach maximum fire power (640 bullets per second).
  • Every blue alien killed will leave a pickup until you have reached maximum firepower then roughly 1 in 3 will leave a pickup.
  • If you collect a red pickup when you already have maximum firepower, it will destroy all enemy bullets around your ship.
  • White pickups give you a tail ship.
  • You can have no more than 5 tail ships.
  • If you collect a white pickup when you already have 5 tailships, it will act like a red pickup.
  • Killing a big ship (red destroyers + bosses) causes screen shake during which time you cannot die.
  • Use left/right bumpers to fire a smart bomb. Smart bombs destroy all enemy bullets, all small enemies and cause strong damage to bigger enemies.
  • Using a smart bomb sacrifices a tail ship, so you must have at least one tail ship to use a smart bomb.
  • If you already have 5 tail ships and a white pickup is on the screen, and you don't need to use a smart bomb, try to delay collecting the pickup until you need to use a smart bomb. First use the smart bomb, then collect the pickup.
  • Bosses have turrets. You can take out the turrets separately to reduce the bosses firepower.


Derfen Steve - 3,775,346 Verified
Kinetic Toxic - 3,592,373 Verified
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Ugh ThatZ NaZty - 3,372,771 Verified
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Liam Bradbury - 2,592,774 Verified 
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

jakub34 - 2,522,027 Verified 
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Craig - 2,384,868 Verified
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Br4zK L3g3nDv2 - 1,751,345 Verified
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Trubstep Record - 1,735,481 Verified
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

RawrMeMuffinMan -1,663,154 Verified
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

ShoppingSpark3 - 1,117,217 Verified
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Ideas / World index rates
« on: March 29, 2015, 11:13:51 AM »
It would be nice if the world index list showed the number of rates for each map.

Like when you have many copies of the same map,
however can't tell your newest version because the MB is still the same.

This would prevent reloading/re-converting for people with popular/large maps.
Instead of looking at the manual sign that says "current" we placed for ourselves at spawn.

Actually guys, A time/date tag system would fix this as well, And will be my next suggestion  ;)

but it would still be nice to see rates from index.

Ideas / Cloud level
« on: March 28, 2015, 01:57:46 PM »
The Cloud level Should have its own customizable parameter in the world generator to prevent clouds from being like 15 blocks above the surface of some custom generated maps.

Ideas / Achivements
« on: March 23, 2015, 07:28:30 PM »
Total Miner needs to expand on its "Achievement" side, its has been lacking a lot since avatars were opened to be placed by everyone.

To expand on the Achievements/Avatars,

1. TM must invoke more of a sense of accomplishment or you hold something worth your time to be more successful

2. More people will continue playing TM longer than 2-3 weeks, Community will grow hence increasing future sales

Avatars should be expanded WAY beyond what they are now, A huge reason people play is to collect them all. Only to get most of them within 2 weeks for new players, Normally people are stuck with 6-7 that they can't unlock (sage/invader/DEMI/ect) So why not have a ton more added.

Coming up with unlock ideas should not be a reason not to start work immediately,
There are already a plethora of NPC's that cannot be worn/unlocked that need to be added to the game ASAP, this type of game needs a new batch or avatars EACH and EVERY update excluding pure bug patches.

Of course they should all try and teach something to the player, but eventually thats limited thinking.
Avatars should be unlocked through many other ways as well.

1. You could have them unlocked by stats, and a branch of avatars could be unlocked for each stat.
the higher the preferred stat the more rare the avatar you would get, It could be visualized like a branch succession. People would have to choose which branch to go after first. And there could be ALOT of them.

Think of Pokemon, thats a good direction.
Im talking like 300+ avatars that could be earned.
Getting them all would take forever but thats what you want.

They are collectables, Your "Chess Piece" in the world of blocks if you will.
I find its a novelty thats Exclusive to TM, and should be taken advantage of.

Perhaps there could be a system where there are types of avatars, as in ones you unlock and ones you win from capsules kinda like a candy/capsule machine.
(Think CSGO cases/AVA Capsules/Skins of guns)

Spinning for these random avatars could be done by,
finding a new type of ORE/TOKEN block in survival/Did deep that stays in your "profile" on the main menu This would keep survival WAY MORE FUN and surprising. On PC this could be server based to stop modding. Kinda like TM avatar currency, but not real money just in game tokens. you could earn these maybe by playing in others worlds, or by finding them. An odds system could be made, the more tokens you use per spin, the greater chance of receiving a more limited/rare avatar.

Whatever the case, I think Martian has done a good job on the art of the existing avatars, they look PERFECT for a token system like this, they should come out of glass cases or something when you unlock/win them.

Of course the avatars you could win/spin for would be separate and not include avatars you unlock.

Maybe 100 to unlock, And 300 others classed as Collectables.

And there needs to be some way to determine if an avatar was placed down by someone who has unlocked it. otherwise you take away from the fun of avatar halls which have always been in the game. and now are nearly non existent.

There could be other types of earn-able achievements other than avatars,
However i'm just looking to build upon a system in game already.

Video / Old Video, (Insane Fence Jumping)
« on: February 11, 2015, 09:09:04 AM »
Here Is an Old video of me doing a challenge after about 3 years of parkour on this game. I never bothered to actually post.
Its not a difficult challenge, this was more about speed, With the FORCED pause in each jump you have to make that came in 1.8 its a bit slower than 1.7.

1080p supported

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