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The Last Of US : new vegas
« on: August 03, 2013, 05:58:46 PM »
Before I get started on this topic , sorry I suck at editing so just bear with me xD ."The Last Of Us: new vegas" is an upcoming rpg prequel . The events take place 8 days after the infection hit Clark County. You and your group recently stopped near a small town scavenging for supplies , only to find a mining company and an eerie cabin. Someone spotted a note that may lead to a new hope of surviving. If you read my dead island post , you should get the idea how this game works already. Originally , the ideas formed from a talented player "indie energy". The map itself didn't have a title or a storyboard to go along with it [other than a zombie apocalypse scenario] . Sooner Indie didn't like how the map worked out so he deleted it .He put so much work into this map . Now , with the permission of the original developer I'm here to revive his old project. So far I introduced a new art direction and a fresh storyboard to go along with the map. Since the gameplay mechanics in dead island and the last of us : new vegas are a bit similar , I'll just explain the unique areas of the upcoming map . "Wilderness": this area is found at the start . It consist of several building that you may see out of town like a gas station or agricultural buildings. So far there is only one wilderness area."Dixie town": this area is based off of small towns that you may find usually in Texas. Since Dixie town has been in a downpour recently , there will be a moderate vegetation level ."New Vegas": this area will be the main star of any area as this will consist casinos, skyscrapers , clubs ,etc. Bombings had occurred here so you may see collapsed buildings . New Vegas will be ventured near the final chapter of the game. Okay that's all for today folks . Sorry if I didn't right enough and the beginning of school is approaching so my projects may have to be put on hold . Only 4 years until I graduate from high school !!! wow !!!!