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God4all's Challenge v1
« on: July 04, 2013, 05:51:07 PM »
I have made a Map which is Like most other Challenge map but with one Exeception which i'll save for last.
This map has the basics...Parkour and Quizes like a Markiplier quiz and pewdiepie,Music,Minecraft and such. There is a Leap of Faith and Pvp ring (Gladiator Arena) a Review area still in Process and multiple things to add on their is also a Psychological Adventure which is a more in-Depth Story Driven Parkour but nonetheless Parkour..Now for the Exeception. I am making a nice detail Collage campus (not like a percise Campus or based off of one but just a random Campus) so far a pretty big portion of it is Completed but im running low on Ideas. The Campus will also be formulated into a Story with Gruesome Backstorys to match the Dark atmosphere, The location is also good for hide 'n Seek for their are plenty of cabinets and Closets to hide in all around the Place. if you are Apart of the forums and wish to help along this Campus this By all means send me a Friend request and i'll invite yea to the game. (pictures will be uploaded later when a bigger portion of the Campus is Completed)