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My deathmatch.
« on: February 15, 2016, 07:51:18 AM »
Hurray I dont know how many I created but this is probably my last on that will keep running. Anyways here is a list of blah blah blah.
Yes another DM with stupid square mines to commit suicide in and cry yourself to sleep. To make them more interesting I just threw in some traps and some Israndom scripts for better blocks.

Oh yes everyone's favorite ranks. Unlike every map you come across mines don't cost chances. Instead you have to buy stupid keys (13 different keys) to get ranks. Best part about it is that this is not a simple process and will require a lot of time and dedication.

Everyone likes to have a home. So why not buy a plot and make a house.  Every month there will be a best house reward :P

This will most likely be the biggest update on my map. Clans will get their own base ( That's a maybe ),required to get a private mine ( Which will be fun), and can sign up to do clan wars. Clan wars will Feature 6 different game modes and 3 different types of maps. There will be 1-2 Clan wars game a month with the victor moving on and the loser losing. These Battles will be 4v4 6v6 or 8v8 depending on how much dedication people have '-'.

Quest will be a way to make the map fun and help buy mines a lot easier.

Yes events. The current one is Valentines and you collect hearts to buy tools,weapons,stuff,more stuff,a mine,and limited stuff. Events will appear when a major holiday pops and will usually last about 2 weeks. During events you can take advantage of whats going on to make the map a lot easier.