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« on: July 26, 2014, 03:25:47 AM »
The grouping section is great. I personally dont see myself using it for clans, at least not in the way that it seems to be built currently, because my clans ACTIVE memberlist isnt that large (but we sure are productive!) so its easy to communicate without the need of a group, BUT I can see the potential for larger groups.

Okay, anyways... now onto my suggestions...

First, I would suggest making a general grouping section. I wanted to make a group for the discussion of the current members of ForgeCoin Quest to discuss the game so far... but I realized that unless I put that grouping under the guise of a clan I would not be able to do make a group.

Secondly, I would ask for there to be sub-groups. That is to say that if I have a large clan with many smaller teams, or different topics that I want my group to discuss (say that I want to have 3 sections for my ForgeCoin Quest group members. Suggestions, Feedback, and Other), then I should be able to neatly seperate those topics of discussion. This could even be used so that everyone can join a general group, but only certain members can join some subgroups. So I could look to see what exactly this clan is up to, maybe make a post in their recruiting section, but still not have access to the clan discussion board.

I feel that both of these suggestions have many things to offer to the integration of the group section into the forums.


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