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Questions and Answers / Scripting
« on: November 15, 2017, 02:27:09 AM »
  I'm having a little trouble understanding the scripts involved in total miner forge. I'm creating a realistic world and I have ideas of scrips I would like to incorporate into the world itself. Could you help me? Here are some ideas id like. Id like a script that a player can open and close a bank account from an NPC player however they please. Id like a separate NPC player to ask if the player wants to deposit money into there account as well as a separate NVP player to do the opposite, withdraw! Id also like an ATM where they can do both deposits and withdraws buy a push of one button. On the other hand id like a script where a player can buy a home/apartment and be able to sell if they choose to. id like a script that can jail somebody if they do something illegal in the world. last but not least id like a script that a player can go to the store and buy an item, as well as they can go to a store and return it for there money back.

                           Thank You,

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