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#Team Ninja competition
« on: September 08, 2016, 05:40:06 PM »
#Team Ninja competition

If you would like to enter this contest then simply put your Gamertag and time zone in the comments section below eg...


Time zone=GMT+2, 3:30PM

So if you're just here to criticize this post like my last competition which isn't going very well then don't comment because there is no need for people like this here. Anyway this competition is for all players but it does focus on the members of #Team Ninja and also players who are either decent at fighting or are interested in joining that sort of clan. There are about 50-75 players in #Team Ninja at the moment and I would love that to increase! You might say "On the group/clan section it says you only have 4 members" well only a few of the actual members have joined on the forums as well.

Basically in this competition there are 4 rounds and if you beat them you will become a administrator of #Team Ninja and if you're already a member of the clan then that is ok as long as you're not L555N00 (Leader of #Team Ninja) or NathonM09 (Co-Leader of #Team Ninja) So if you think this prize is pointless then I will now explain what an administrator can do in #Team Ninja...

Administrators allowed actions

*Can suggest ideas
*Can create ideas if allowed
*Must check if the ideas added are correct and there are no faults
*Can suggest which players should join #Team Ninja
*After 1 year of being an administrator you'll be promoted to the Co-Leader
*Can put any player in #Team Ninja
*Can wear a black, blue and green/red top hat

Round 1

Invite me to a Xbox Live new world with grass floor and a maximum of 2 players in the session. Next give me admin so I can set up 5 combat dummies. Finally I will start a timer and wait for you to kill all 5 combat dummies and when you have I will stop the timer and record your score then the person with the slowest time at the end is out at the competition.

Round 2

Once again do the same thing as round 1 but this time I will place 5 mobs and record the time it takes you to kill all 5 but if you get killed by any of the 5 then 5 seconds of time will be deducted and the person with the slowest time is out of the competition.

Round 3

At any point when playing TM invite me to any lobby and then ask me either to fight me, L555N00 or NathonM09 in a fight. If you get killed you're out of the competition. BTW L555N00 has been AFK from #Team Ninja for some time so he may not be available.

Round 4 (final round)

Invite me to a map with a max of 2 players with any ground block and set up total invaders then play it for as long as you want before you think you have a reasonable high score then I will record it and the person with the highest score at the end becomes the administrator for #Team Ninja!

Contestants are...

Round 1 stats...

Round 2 stats...

Round 3 stats...

Round 4 stats...

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