Nyan-Mining and TeamGlaceon's mods
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Description: This mod contains several NPCs, some items, and what not.
The "Linoone Mod" merged with this one.
In Nyan-Mining's pack...
-Oxygen Not Included Duplicants (None spawn naturally)
-Linoone (3 types) (One of them spawns naturally)
-Moin from Miner Disturbance (Spawns naturally)
-Trip's face (he will hunt you down if you are holding a Grapefruit) (Spawns naturally)
-Innyume (Spawns naturally)
-The Craig (Spawns naturally, should not mess with)
-Linoone Tools (Regular and Shiny)
-Night's Edge from Terraria (Regular and True)
-Adamcake (don't ask...)
-Linoone Armor (x16 texture)
-Drills (x16 texture)
In TeamGlaceon's Pack...

-Various Pikmin (hold out an Ambient Sound Block near them!)
-Lucas from Mother 3
-Floating Mario head
-Sakura and Rhoda<-(Female Corrin) (Fire Emblem)
-Bowser (Hotel Mario version)
-DK (from show)
-Moray Eel
-Myth (from Miner Disturbance)
-Smol Nozomi
-Quote (Cave Story)
-Rulue (from Puyo Puyo)
-Cobalt Naginata (Regular and True)
-Dylan's armor
-Some accessories that don't do what they're suppose to do (i'll do something about that later)
-Mac and Cheese

Please tell me if something is wrong in these packs, or something that should be changed or added. Thanks!
Posted by: Nyan-Mining May 19, 2019, 03:57:40 PM

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