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Bug Reports [Retail] / Blue Screen on Start Up
« Last post by Summer on May 11, 2018, 12:22:02 PM »
For the past week, every time steam loaded up Total Miner this screen would pop up.  /-:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\415575979\760\remote\347600\screenshots\20180503160154_1.jpg

Gaming / Re: Fortnite
« Last post by Nefty on May 11, 2018, 12:15:21 AM »
Tried playing tonight. Solos didnt work well. i know i was new but the entire game's controls felt clunky. Whenever i would open a chest, i would slightly move and it wouldnt open so id have to restart. Same with healing and shields. The control bar switching between guns but not your pickaxe was also very confusing. I got a hang on building but switching between building and combat is ridiculous. I can see where people like the game but not me. I bet I could get the hang of it but the learning curve for beginners is insane. Especially without any kind of tutorial. Not a big fan. I will probably come back to it later.
General Discussion / Re: Question Time with Tm Charles
« Last post by TM Charles on May 10, 2018, 10:36:11 PM »
Why do you get cranky past 12 AM? Cause i gotta talk to you ;)
Was i right? Not then not never
When we doing our series? ;) When i get my life back on track
How many hours do you think you played tm on 360? Incountable
Favorite Block? Plot
Favorite Item? Pineapple
Favorite Mod? Havent used enough to give honest answer
Favorite YT Video? The first one
Favorite cake flavor? Red Velvet
Favorite Food? Omelets
Favorite Movie? Original Jumanji/Jurassic Park(s)
Favorite TV Show?The Office
Favorite Game Console? Xbox 360
Favorite Steam Game? Paladins
Favorite Video Game? Football Game Room
Favorite Question so far? This one
Best Discord Server? Ludum Dare Discord
First TM Friend? You/ CircleCat113
Favorite Map? The map i went on that started my many skill maps

20 questions to start. :)

Favourite place to visit? The river by my house near the bikepath

When was the last time you were on a roller coaster? A good one 2015, Any 2018
Have you ever been above 100mph in a land vehicle? Yes 135mph
What is you favourite type of food? Omelets
Who is your favourite actor/actress? Dont really have one
Are you really a time traveller from the year 10,000? Some say
Do you enjoy long evening walks along the beach? If i have a dough boy and clam cakes
Why does my dog lick me? For the salt in your sweat

Why are girls pretty? Your opinion is your own ;)

Do you like memes? Im a walking meme

How did you get into Total Miner? What is your favorite memory of the game? My friend told me to get the game and seeing people enjoy a map or care about other players.
Gaming / Re: Free games
« Last post by Jesse on May 10, 2018, 07:33:34 PM »
The Flame in the flood is free on humble bundle
For the next day and 23 hours
I have an idea I will be making map with these concepts and would like to know if this works. I took note of terraria and Minecraft on how they make their survival modes diverse and mixing dig deep elements into the map as well.

The map will be released when ready for testing and completion.
Any ideas for weapons that change up encounters? feels like we need weapons that have certain different properties like fire, ice, poison, quake, lightning, explosive, teleport, potions and hookshots?
Video / Re: Farming Basics
« Last post by Craig on May 10, 2018, 07:08:54 AM »
Wheat > Sugar Cane > Tomato > Potato > Corn
Fruits/Berries/Tomato > Bottle Of Milk > Cheese > Bread > Duck Meat > Lamb Chops > Fish > Corn Bread > Beef > Pizza > Cake > Potato Pie

Great vid though :p
Your world / Re: GK's Forgeplex
« Last post by Not Actually Atlas on May 10, 2018, 04:22:12 AM »

The color schemes look beautiful. Pepsi colours so I'm a fan. Designs are pretty top notch.
Speaking of Pepsi, what do you think of the new redesign? I've had alot of confused customers asking where the Pepsi want since they switched to the red and white cans. It's almost as if they want to be coke, because then they can make great tasting lemon lime soda that doesn't taste like chit. I mean I know its alot like the classic design but they used to be the only soda we sold in a blue can so it was distinguishing, they threw it all away just for nostalgia or what?
Your world / Re: GK's Forgeplex
« Last post by Panther on May 10, 2018, 01:50:06 AM »

The color schemes look beautiful. Pepsi colours so I'm a fan. Designs are pretty top notch.
Video / Farming Basics
« Last post by Nefty on May 10, 2018, 12:48:09 AM »
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