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Your world / Re: Huttondale Modern Economy Map
« Last post by Gordinio on April 25, 2018, 10:59:56 AM »
Map Update

Hello! casual onion is letting me do a map update this time.

-> Little Sunderland has been expanded to include a new area called 'Mill Hill'

-> Many new areas have been planned around the map.

-> Various landscaping projects are planned around the map, including a few parks.

-> Hill Top has been fully demolished and rebuilt to have a single shopping centre building and apartments, with farms.

-> The old spawn has been replaced with an apartment block.

Spoiler for Hidden Content:

I'll be back soon but only if casual onion lets me :P
Mods / Re: Random Bricks Arcade Game
« Last post by Rorthic on April 24, 2018, 08:16:20 PM »
updated download;sa=view;down=65
same link as first post.

update 1.22:
added power ups/downs
lots of graphical changes
hd texture packs now supported for item layouts
can now pause game with "p" or "back button"
ball now gradually increases its speed the longer the ball is alive
Ideas / Script menu customization (?)
« Last post by JAZZ 0R KILLER on April 24, 2018, 07:59:23 PM »
I'm not sure how to word this other than wanting more characters in the menu script line.

In an indie map that I'm working on, I have scripted a shop using the menu script. The problem that I have with it, is there's not much room for typing. My menu consists of a long line of scripting, and it doesn't help that I've put the scripts that are executed when selecting the item all in folders in folders. This makes the script line longer and have less room to type.

So I guess that what I'm saying is it would be cool to either have:

- Longer line for coding in the menu
- Maybe introducing a new menu that is made for scripting shops, like a "Shop menu"
- Having the ability to customize menus.

This is just a small problem/idea that can be fixed just by using actual shops, but I prefer the menu shop
Bug Reports [PC Beta] / NPC AI
« Last post by JAZZ 0R KILLER on April 24, 2018, 07:19:09 PM »
I've made a topic over this before, but it was possibly ignored, or unseen.

When you go to spawn a mod through a script with a custom AI, it always spawns with the default AI
You could have a zone set and call it Ex. Checkpoint, and when entering the zone, it gives you a history. Then once you die, or respawn, you can have it set to check if you have the history (Same history set for entering the zone). If it returns true that you have said history, then it will teleport you to the checkpoint.

Set Event script: Player respawns, runs script down below:

HasHistory [Zone name] [actor] [true]
Teleport [actor] [checkpoint coordinate]

When entering a new zone (Checkpoint) it will delete the previous history, then give a new history.

If any of this doesn't make any since, I can create a world that demonstrates this
General Discussion / Re: Xbox to PC
« Last post by bob on April 23, 2018, 04:47:39 PM »
You'll need to be more specific about when you last played for anybody to really tell you what is new since then. But you should be able to get a general idea what new additions there are with a quick look through the topics here
General Discussion / Xbox to PC
« Last post by Guthix on April 23, 2018, 01:58:59 PM »
So, is the pc version like a very updated xbox 360 version, I played years ago, wondering if anyone could let me know what all is different.
I have done that but only works for certain maps I'm talking Minecraft where checkpoints could be easily made I really need that system.
Total Miner Discussion / Re: Is it Worth the 10 Dollars?
« Last post by Nefty on April 22, 2018, 08:12:23 PM »
If you're like me and you dont like spending money, I can understand the hesitance. I bought the game right when it came out and enjoyed it for the first week or so but got tired of it (to be fair, dig deep was not added yet). I am very in favor of a complete survival revamp, but until then the sole reason I played on 360 was multiplayer. I hop on once or twice to play little survival or creative between classes at Uni, but not much else. Once multiplayer comes out ill be back on.

I give a tentative yes. If you have the time and money, sure. If your tight on money or time, I still say yes but think of it as a future investment for when multiplayer is released. That will be when the real fun begins
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