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Mods / [WIP] Re: TOTALPIXEL (Total Pixel)
« on: January 21, 2018, 05:03:41 PM »
@Lord Leo Join: and we can talk about it more.

Mods / [WIP] TOTALPIXEL (Total Pixel)
« on: January 21, 2018, 04:13:33 PM »
Total Pixel Server

Hello everyone, my name is Ryan and im the owner of the new map, TotalPixel. As you know I have given some information to everyone about what the server is giving to players ( But today I wanted to talk about the mods and becoming staff towards the server once multiplayer comes out.

Mods / Upcoming Mods

So with our mods, we currently have 20 dedicated mods that affect the map in different ways, our mods are the biggest and best thing that will change the future of the map and make the server more fun to players who play it. We have mods from, items, foods and even companions and so much more.

If you are a mod creator and would love to be a member of our mod group then you are welcome to join the TotalPixel Mod Community within our discord server. I will leave the Discord mod room below for those who would love to mod and become a TotalPixel.

Maps And Components

We are always looking for people who can build maps, game modes or even components that can be used on the server, showing off their work and helping out with the map. If you have the skills to make a cool and interesting game or component pack then you are again welcome to join TotalPixel on the building side of things. But you may be asking "But how can we help if we don't have multiplayer?" the answer to that is you don't haft to be on to build it. send the map or component, and i will be adding it to the map. Just like that!

If you have any questions towards anything you are welcome to message below or DM me for more information. We have much planned in the future and we can't wait for you to see it all. Also, we have a trailer coming soon so stay tuned for that!

Your world / [WIP] Mobs in map
« on: January 11, 2018, 01:35:07 PM »

Your world / [Other] TOTALPIXEL (Total Pixel) Information
« on: January 07, 2018, 06:55:13 AM »
Total Pixel Server
Server information

So, on my last post I had talked about an upcoming server called Total Pixel. The plan was to get a little information out about it and hope for the best, but I want to give a good description of the server and what you can do with the amazing possibilities.

How Did you get the name ?

So We had ideas for this map a long time ago but because the Xbox capabilities were limited, we couldn't do the things like what we can do now. Our name situation may sound familiar to Hypixel (A Minecraft big server). We thought "Hey, No one has attempted to do this" So we have tried to recreate in a total miner way Hypixel.
Also, our ideas came from a known Youtuber: "TotalMinerDude".

What can we do ?
▸ Unique player Home Situation
▸ Lots of Ranks / Perks
▸ Trails, Sky Colours and much more
▸ Pets! (Yes you can have your own Pets)
▸ Challenges / Custome fan made
▸ MiniGames
▸ Mystery Chest's
▸ Parkour
And much much more that we cant tell you yet.

"Unique player Home Situation"
Player Homes will be a big part of our server. Once you buy a house plot you then can have the freedom to build whatever you like. We also have an open wheel that can be used to theme your plots and do stuff that will affect your island.

Themes will be big when it comes to individual likings, thems can be brought IG to then be used to theme your island. It's that simple!  ^-^

The wheel can be used to open shop, open your themes and so much more.

"Lots of Ranks / Perks"
Ranks will play a big part alongside the others, it will make games much better and give lots of perks to players who have them Perks.

A little list of our ranks so far:

▸ VIP+
▸ MVP+

Now you're probably thinking "you're just copying Hypixel" and yes you may be correct, but the thought of making it all into Total Miner server gives a new thought to how it can be played.

"Trails, Sky Colours and much more"
So to make the server fun and not boring, we are always are looking for new bright ways to introduce new Trails, sky colors and so much more. These Trails can be used only in the hub as we don't allow it to be used in the Minigames, but we do have Trails made customary for each Minigame

Pets are following creatures that can be used as fun things to show off to friends.
Pets is one of the many mods that we have created.

You can do so much with your pets, with the capabilities coming in the future you can dress and feed your pets be ranking them up making them evolve into better and possibly bigger creatures.
Now we cant say really what mobs we have but ill give one away.

▸ Penguin

"Challenges / Custome fan-made"
Challenges are fun to use. They Give you points and can do much more when you complete them, now there isn't really much to say about challenges sept they update every week to make it fresh and new to players.

We have a starting collection of MiniGames on TotalPixel, We hope that they are fun and exciting to all you players that play it. Each minigame gets its own Lobby, Like Hypixel it will show "Information" "Highest Players"
Once you win you get Points and so on.

" Mystery Chest's"
With Mystery Chests, you can use them to get ranks perks and even points. Once you buy a rank you then can get different things and even better things. We have made a complex system to make sure that its fair and easy access to players.

" Parkour"
We all love parkour, the parkour will be there to pass time as also a MiniGame.

We also have lots of custom made mods for the map, lots that we cant tell you about yet but if it comes to it then the mods will be open to download.

Your world / [Other] TotalPixel Server (Hypixel Inspired) - Coming Soon
« on: January 06, 2018, 03:01:26 PM »
Hello Everyone.

I am here today to talk about the upcoming server TotalPixel.
This server is inspired by Hypixel and TotalMinerDude Map TotalPlex.
This server is going to be a fun and thrilling map that allows players to have fun.
We hope that you can join us when Multiplayer comes out.

What you can play:

- Line (MiniGame)
- PaintBall Warfare (MiniGame)
- Maze Runner (MiniGame)
- Build Battles (MiniGame)
- Factions (MiniGame)
- TDM (MiniGame)
- Parkour (MiniGame)


We also have lots of custom made mods for the map, lots that we cant tell you about yet but if it comes to it then the mods will be open to download.
(Textures of the items also need to be done)

If you would love to participate and help out with this map then you can!
Design mods, components and much more than can be used on the map.
If you do have anything, please leave the link to it.

To leave it im going to show you a little example pics:

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