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Gaming / Civilization V
« on: January 18, 2018, 08:11:47 PM »
anyone play this game?
what's your favourite faction?
mine at the minute is a mix between ramesses (Egypt) and the babylon guy (really long name)

Creative Features / [Components] Calling All OG Total Miners
« on: January 06, 2018, 12:34:53 PM »
Does anyone still have the 1.9 component packs that miss celeny usually gave out to people.

The packs included:
Terraforming pack
Furniture pack
3D shapes pack
*pack I forgot the name of*
Linug RPG (or something like that)

Mods / [Other] Crafting Mod
« on: January 04, 2018, 10:25:41 AM »
Is there a way to mod crafting out of the game? Inventory crafting i mean, workbenches are just not getting put in the map

I remember making an ideas topic about this to be implemented but modding seems more appropriate.

Bug Reports [Retail] / Pasting tool
« on: January 02, 2018, 09:28:28 AM »
When you paste a component (in a straight line) going from north to south, the wood logs return to facing upwards. When you rotate it to the east or west, the wood logs stay as side logs.

Questions and Answers / Forums personal messages
« on: December 28, 2017, 05:55:10 PM »
Has the personal messages been wiped on everyone's profile? I only have messages from as recent as the 18th December which isn't right

Questions and Answers / Noise Files
« on: December 27, 2017, 07:19:51 PM »
Hello, I'm just looking to see if there's any mp3 files out there with the old 1.6 spider screech. If so, lemme know as I'm eager to use it in a video. thanks

Total Miner Discussion / [Game] Invaderman
« on: December 26, 2017, 06:59:31 AM »
Forgot to upload this but 51 minutes into release of the game i got over 20k in total invaders making me (don't quote me Craig is watching) the first person to get Invaderman (even though unlockables are broken).

Here's an image of my success:
Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Bug Reports [Retail] / fly bug
« on: December 25, 2017, 02:38:41 PM »
You can fly through fences (my friend also says other things too) at high speeds.

Bug Reports [Retail] / Crouch Bug
« on: December 24, 2017, 11:48:05 AM »
For some reason I can't place blocks while crouched. Anyone else having this problem? Thought i'd report it here anyways

Bug Reports [Retail] / Blue Screen PC
« on: December 23, 2017, 05:12:40 AM »

Site Suggestions and Bugs / Ignore user
« on: December 18, 2017, 05:15:05 AM »
Can the Ignore User function be vastly improved, they can see everything I post and I can see everything they post and it's kinda counter-productive to have the option when it doesn't block them. If I wanted to just ignore them I would just not read their post.

Questions and Answers / Mobs
« on: December 13, 2017, 04:06:44 AM »
Sorry another question.

Can you make allied NPCs that follow you until in combat?
I heard you could but I don't know all that much about the new NPC system.

Questions and Answers / Histories
« on: December 13, 2017, 03:37:01 AM »
Just while I don't have access to TM, a quick question..

Can you make Player history folders?
for instance:

HasHistory [Player] [Quest1/start]

HasHistory [Player] [Quest1/finish]

Your world / [RPG] DeadZone 1
« on: December 07, 2017, 01:38:40 AM »
Henlo forums,
This is gonna be a long and boring post about a map I want to build for TMPC upon release. If it's too long, there's a TL:DR section at the end. c:
So sit down, relax, grab a cup of tea and enjoy this EXTREMELY long post..
Thanks in advance if you read the whole thing xD
Alright lets get into it!
DeadZone 1
DeadZone Goes back to the beginning!
(mostly because it's now on PC and people will be confused over DeadZone 28)
As this will be the first map I'm making on PC i want to make it special. NO EXCUSES AGENT!! So without further or do, lets talk about the story.

In a land where opportunity, trade and wonder arises, war will will soon follow. Latium has been the land of opportunity for almost 5 eras, prospering and populating all corners of its rich continent. Since the ancient times, people have grown to their own traditions and lifestyles, unfortunately some did not survive.
 The land was split into countries that will stand the test of time, all with their individual races that inhabit them. 5 races will either coexist or battle it out in the fight for survival and conquest, but who will emerge the victor? In the year E4:Y945, 3 alliances had formed for the sole purpose of conquering Tarquinii, the largest city in Latium, which towers over everything in the known world. You can choose the alliance you favour. That however doesn't mean that each race cant live in tranquillity, in fact most races coexist just fine. Most races have extreme prejudices towards others, depending on their personality.

Here are some early stages of the map, beginning with some pictures of the northern province:

Spoiler for Hidden Content:

Latium Alliances (The Main Factions)

Stormveil Sovereign
The Stormveil Sovereign was the first alliance and oldest group of royalty in all of Latium. The King himself, King Garin III, leads this alliance ahead of his own race, the Homosapian (humans). Founded in E2:Y483, the alliance has always kept Tarquinii as their own. It has survived many a conquest, many a seige and of course its espionage. King Garin III grows tired of his competitors moves and wishes to conquer their territory in an attempt to to quell their uprising and conquest. Commonly known as the most just of its races, the humans are strange creatures. The commoners want war and hate any race that isn't human.
at the top of the food chain lies Tarquinii's Royal Family. King Garin III is the head of said family and controls all the land that the Sovereign owns. He is also in command of a secret group of assassins called the Brotherhood of Vulcan, who worship the god Vulcan and kill in his name. The Sovereign are obsessed with law and order, they are bound by an oath that allows them to become a citizen (easy to work around right?).
Unfortunately, with the Sovereign at the center, they are at risk from attacks in all directions. Pressure has been built on King Garin to save the Humans and restore peace to all the races and end the war once and for all.

Fact File:
  • Races: Human, Other species
  • Leader: King Garin III
  • Capital: Tarquinii
  • Regions Owned: 1
  • Behaviour: Defensive
  • Prosperity: High
  • Economy: High
Ashkin Consortium
The Consortium is known for its amazing technological achievements and groundbreaking structures. Made up of mostly stunted sized individuals, they carved their way into the known world with their mechanical wonders which to this day baffle me to think "how do they actually work?". These guys have built tremendous structures in the mountains and cities that surround the rocky region. Critters such as goblins have infested some of the abandoned facilities in which they built their new home. The Consortium also like making treaties with towns and regions to fight for them, in return for technology that will improve their lifestyle. Many towns have also suffered the fate of the Consortium's technological sabotages and to which the tiny, sly people profit massively. The name comes from the original alliance between the Dwarves and the Djinn in the war against the orcs at Iron Rock. Now its anyones game to claim the title of Marshal.
At the minute, the Consortium's leader is Marshal Azuul. Azuul is unfortunately a hot headed guy who doesn't like taking insults lightly. In fact, he waged war against the Keldabe Dominion out of sheer jealously for their leader's shiny gold armour. they have not forgotten this since.

Fact File:
  • Races: Mostly Dwarves
  • Leader: Marshal Azuul
  • Capital:
  • Regions Owned: 2 (with towns varies)
  • Behaviour: Easily Hostile
  • Prosperity: Medium
  • Economy: Very High
Keldabe Dominion
The Keldabe dominion are masters at war tactics. Keldabe for short, they often think of themselves highly over everyone else. Unfortunately, the Keldabe haven't always been at the top of their game. After losing Countless times in sieges against the Sovereign, they continue to come up with new ways to fight,
 whether it be fighting with siege weapons or espionage tactics. These guys are notorious for their barter skills, which is why you tend to find most elves at markets and shops. The Keldabe isn't made up of only elves though. Through their race's lifetime they have lived alongside the dryads and other tree beings.
 some often refer to themselves as night elves and actually live in the forests in which they believe they belong.
The capital is small, but somewhat beautiful. Many lives have been lost building the foundations of Sentinel, and the original families still live their. Their leader,
 Count Verandis, has been around for longer than any human has lived. Standing at around 1200 years old, Verandis is getting frail and wants one of his sons to take his place to overthrow King Garin III in his Tarquiniian Palace. Unfortunately this has caused a family feud.

Fact File:
  • Races: Elves, Dryads and some Humans
  • Leader: Count Verandis
  • Capital: Sentinel
  • Regions Owned: 3
  • Behaviour: Aggressive
  • Prosperity: High
  • Economy: Very High

In the world of DeadZone, you can choose who you want to side with. Please bear in mind that you cannot change your mind. This does not mean you cannot visit the opponent alliances home city or territory. Just remember which faction you belong to when completing the tasks.

Unique Roads to Follow
A Covernant is a group of people (often secret) who worship a figure or belief fanatically, kinda like a religion. These Covernants are all worship different people from gods to (in one case) a guy's grandfather. Covernants have their own unique perks that can aid you in your journey, some allow access to special areas of the map and some open up new traders and conjurers. I will the current covernants (13/12/2017) and their perks:

Brotherhood of Vulcan
The Brotherhood is a secret organisation working with the Stormveil Sovereign to help eliminate those who are of great threat to the world. Unfortunately, they do not go after the leaders of the other alliances (for unknown reasons). The Brotherhood has been around for as long as the Sovereign has, dwelling in the underground temple they call the Spire. I think it's because it's under the Spire or Tower of Tarquinii. To join this guild you must be recognised as a less than averagely moraled citizen who has killed people in his time. Unfortunately, they contact you, rather than vice versa.
Job: Assassinate targets in the name of King Garin III.
Perks: Access to the Brotherhood Trader.
          Unrestricted access to the Tower of Tarquinii
          You will be paid for each job in goldpieces

This guild is all about the taking of others to make a profit. Recently, Tarquinii and the surrounding area has been affected by robbery, bribery and in most cases murder for little more than their gear. This group of thieves hang around in the ratways under the city and stay they if they know whats good for them. With all the good that they get, they have to store it somewhere. Fortunately, they have a fence. This fence will buy anything you have, even your broken stock, just dont expect much. Also, with the influence they have they can often find blagging yourself to cross borders for less or even free! To join them, you've to talk to a shady looking guy in the Tarquinian Tavern named Rolson. He won't take any notice until you've been bad enough.
Job: Mug people for their things. At least that's what people think.
Perks: Access to the ratways.
          Access to a fence (special trader).
          Unlocks dialog when dealing with certain characters.
          Allows for the chance of free passage when crossing borders.

Cult of Fondor
The Cult of Fondor have been around for eras Worshipping 1 thing, Mephistopheles. Mephistopheles is the grand devil of the underworld and only if you worship him can you wander the fiery planes of oblivion. To even know of his existence shows you are very knowledgeable about your Lore. In order to even be noticed to be offered a place in his circle you must be completely EVIL! Only the will he recognise the face of a new worshipper. There is no role for the Mephistopheles Worshipper, only that you keep his existence quiet. That's, if people don't see his face in you. Unfortunately, there are probably more cons than perks to joining this Covernant.
Job: N/A
Perks: Access to the Underworld Nether.
Cons: Most people won't allow you to work for them
         Quests from citizen folk are locked
         Most Churches/Religious based building are inaccessible
         You will die instantly if you enter the "holy land"


Founding an Alliance
So as cool as it sounds, you won't be able to actually found a massive alliance (unless you bring in alliance members idk). What actually happens is,
 you get an Alliance Hall (guild Hall) where your alliance tasks. I'll talk about alliance tasks later, For now I'll tell you the different things you can do. In an alliance hall, you begin with a large(ish) building with several boards. These boards symbolise your status as an alliance from members count, land owned to available alliance tasks, All contributing to your alliance level. The higher alliance level means the more cosmetics you can unlocks for your alliance like farming area,
 special tasks or even secret trader.

Alliance Tasks are quests you need to complete in order to get XP for your alliance. These tasks mostly include donating resources like rocks or humanities.
 Alliance tasks mat seem daunting or tedious, but that's why its an alliance task, all members can contribute. Speaking of members (the upward spiral),  the more members you have in your alliance, the bigger the tasks that get handed out to your alliance. The bigger the task? THE BIGGER THE REWARD! comprende?
 Alliance tasks will also come to play a big part in alliance wars which will come later after release. Level 1 alliances (the starting level) will only have 2 available alliance tasks, and will refresh after 3 days.

Real Estate

When playing on the map you will realise that you are restricted upon attempting specific tasks. Smelting keys can be one of them. I'll explain how this works for smelting.
Smelting starts at level 0, meaning you can craft low grade keys with low grade materials. As you continue crafting these keys, you will gain secret XP which will build up and allow you to craft better keys with much stronger materials. for you lovely forums people, I will show you the material tier to key tier:

Level 0 - XP Required: 0 - Craftable material: Copper
Level 1 - XP Required: 10 - Craftable Material: Casserite
Level 2 - XP Required: 25 - Craftable Material: Iron
Level 3 - XP required: 50 - Craftable Material: Carbon
Level 4 - XP required: 100 - Craftable Material: Greenstone and opal
Level 5 - XP required: 250 - Craftable Material: Gold, Fluorite, Andesite and Dacite
Level Master - XP required: 400 - Craftable Material: An alloy of metals (you can combine metals)

For Smelting, you have to find forges that will allow you to craft at these levels. A simple town forge won't forge greenstone..

NOTA BENE: So far smelting is the only skill you can get, more will be added shortly.

As you may have noticed, the map is mostly about keys and conflict. But what keys do what? lets leak some info..

So to get equipment in this map you'll need to get your hands on some keys, there's plenty of ways to get them from quests to crafting. Hey you even start off with 2! These keys are useful for the "Equipment Crate" where you spend keys to get a random item from that category I.E. HeroKeys are for the weapons crate. Lets take a look at what you'll need to know:

Weapons Crate: HeroKey
Tool Crate: StoneKey
Master Equipment Crate: GoldKey

Though do not that if you manage to find a key that isn't one of the above, keep it, its valuable!

Tips and Tricks
Things to note about this map. it is undoubtedly going to be a confusing time at first, understanding of what to do may be hard as this is pretty different experience. Here are some tips and tricks to "git gud" in DeadZone1:
  • You start with 2 keys, find the blacksmith and use them on the furnace! this will be your initial gear.
  • Note that the key to doing things in the server is based on exploration. knowing where mines, Points of interest, buildings and secret spots are all nice information to have when playing in the map. Explore to your hearts content
  • Mines are a nice way to upgrade your equipment and get you some money. Hidden around the map, the ores are used to create keys you can use like at the start. the rocks (limestone) is used to just sell and get you a nice boost.
  • The most important one. When you play the map you will notice you cant actually sell items to shops. The only way is to sell to a player. find your own value to your equipment and sell it if you so wish c:
Okay so you can explore an open, terraformed world and forge your life choices. You can also join an alliance or make your own at some point in the game. If you want more info but cant be bothered reading, contact me via discord or the TM forums. Treated like an MMORPG, you can explore and follow your own path in life C:

Final Thought
I'm so hyped to build this map but there's zero feedback, anyone out there? What do you think? There's still a lot to post about it!

Ideas / Crafting
« on: December 07, 2017, 01:05:45 AM »
people have probably brought this up before, but maybe make an option for creative worlds to completely remove inventory crafting from the game?

to put into perspective, a man cuts a tree down, but he has to use a button to trade the wood blocks for planks instead of crafting them. this is so I can add a history skill that allows you to get more wood from using the button in "crafting" them.

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