XNA Asset UI 0.1
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Please Read:
This application is still in heavy development, please report ANY bugs to me please.  As of now, the only types of assets you can export are Textures.  Fonts and Effects may come later down the line in development.  THOUGH you can still Pack (import) all types of assets (fonts, sounds, textures, effects..etc)

What does it do?
This application allows you to export XNA Assets from the .XNB file format(textures only right now), into their original format (png, mp3..etc..).  It also allows you to pack files into XNB format for the game to use natively so you can edit all the textures, audio, fonts..etc..that the game uses.


To Export, simply go to the Export tab, and choose "Open", then choose the desired XNB Asset File.  Then, simply press "Export" and choose your desired location to save the file and choose what file type you want to export the asset as.

Previewing Assets
As of version 0.1, the only Assets that can be previewed are Textures.  There will be more to come in the future.  To preview an Asset, simply open the Asset File, then, if the Asset is supported, a button titled "Preview" will become visible, click it to preview the asset in a pre-designed viewer.

To pack files into XNB format, change to the Pack tab, then choose "Select Files", here, you can select a single file or multiple files, as long as the file types are supported.  When you choose Select Files,
 you will see the supported file types in the dialog.  Once you have chosen your files, press Open.  You will then be prompted to choose the output directory for the XNB Assets that will be created; once you choose the location, press the "Start" button, the program will then begin to pack the assets and you will see your XNB Asset Files appear in the output directory you had previously selected.  The 'log' will tell you if there was any errors as well.  

The Settings tab (to be expanded upon) contains the Graphics Profile setting, this is very important when it comes to exporting Textures.  For Total Miner, the Graphics Profile must be set to HiDef.
  This setting will vary upon different XNA games.

The Source and UI
I am including the source to this application down below.  To build this application you must have a licensed version of DevExpress WinForms 17.2.4.  If you do not have a license to it, you are more than welcome to take code from this application and make your own without DevExpress.

Source Versions:
Version 0.1 https://mega.nz/#!hV1HGI4b!pBFbTTbYU5wpu_CRHNmKdeBx_2m7Gdn5i0WpROoS4xk

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