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Stack Size
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Description: A simple mod that increases the stack size of items. By default, items will have their stack size increased to 1000 if they can stack to 100. The mod comes with an XML config that lets you edit certain values. You can view the source code for the mod on my GitHub page: (Though it's really simple, like 16 lines of code.)

Item stacks will not break if the mod is disabled or the stack size is changed. Existing item stacks will remain unchanged, but cannot be increased above the maximum and when split cannot be recombined above the maximum.

If you encounter any problems with the mod, please let me know.

Config Options
  • StackSize
    - The stack size of items.
  • GPStackSize
    - The stack size of Gold Pieces.
  • Only100Stacks
    - If true, all items with a stack size of 100 or higher will have their stack sizes increased.
    - If false, all items without durability will have their stack sizes increased.

Keywords: Items, Mod 
Posted by: DaveTheMonitor October 14, 2021, 07:50:03 PM

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