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Biome Generator options
« on: June 08, 2017, 04:18:02 PM »
This idea is simple on paper but will probably require a lot of back end work, However I would imagine that a lot of the changes to terrain generation required for this to happen will need to be done for infinite worlds anyway.

In simple terms, A biome would be a set of localized terrain generator settings that can spawn in the world.

Currently terrain generator settings can only be applied to the whole world. This means that it is impossible to have shallow hills and mountainous mountains at the same time.

With biome generator settings, You could make a mountainous biome which has steep terrain which is mostly stone, And you could also have hilly terrain with gradual rolling slopes.

The terrain settings menu would have to have a new option called "Add Biome" where you could choose to add a new biome to the generator.

In addition to this, There would be a new group of biome specific settings which are as follows.

Biome Min/Max Size: The minimum and maximum size of a biome in blocks.

Biome Min/Max X/Z: The minimum/maximum X/Z coordinate in which this biome will appear. Useful for making colder regions to the north and south of the world whilst making equatorial areas more temperate.

Biome Frequency: The likelihood of this biome appearing compared to any others.

Biome Neighbour Whitelist: These biomes must be neighbouring for this biome to spawn. Useful if you have a multiple part biome like medium mountains and tall mountains.

Biome Neighbour Blacklist: These biomes must not be neighbouring  for this biome to spawn. Useful for making sure deserts do not spawn directly next to snowy regions or anything similar.

Biome Ground Layer: Only available to creative worlds, Or limited to certain blocks for survival worlds. Determines the ground block for the biome.

Biome Ore Deposits: Only available for creative worlds. A group of settings that determine which blocks spawn in ore veins at what layers and how frequently.

This should be enough to allow for some complicated world creation whilst still being accessible.

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