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Catsbury - Medieval Quest and Adventure world! (updates)
« on: July 06, 2014, 08:49:55 AM »
Hello everyone. I am Jurassic Cat and I have a world called Catsbury. Catsbury is a world with plenty of quests, bosses and much more. It is a never ending game and the more you complete quests, the better items and armour you can get for bosses to make more cash!

Catsbury is created by me and my friend Michaelc9.

As of now, is still under construction and make take a long time. I will be posting updates on what has been added since this post has been up.

Added lots of detail to trees, plants etc.
Added most of the signs, NPCs, Scripts and Mob Spawners back to how they should be.
Completed a desert village.
Underground Passage scripting improved.
Shopping City has been completed.
Wilderness has been completed.
Lighthouse has been re-decorated
A desert quest has been added.
Two rival islands quest completed.
Catsbury Prison added.
The whole Troll Plateau is completed.

To do:
The Underground City
Rest of the signs, NPCs, Scripts and Mob Spawners
A few quests
A mine
Fully working shops

When we feel that it has enough completed, we will release a test game, very much like a Beta just to see if everything we have added such as signs and scripts are working. (I sometimes make several mistakes with spelling) Whenever the test comes on, it will be up for a week.

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