Author Topic: [WIP] Futura, the Futuristic Minigame Server  (Read 310 times)

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[WIP] Futura, the Futuristic Minigame Server
« on: February 04, 2017, 12:28:58 PM »

Welcome to Futura ! This is a Minigames server where you can play some minigames. This server is actually in developpement so, be patient !

The minigames

You can play in this server some games :

Sprint or Die
Mars Invasion/Alien Invasion
(more coming soon  ;) )

The menu

The menu have theses features:

The shop, where you can get E-boxes and ranks buyables with E-coins
The Options where you can modify some settings
The extra where you can activate Cosmetics
(more coming soon again)

Thanks to L3g3nD for discovering me the idea of HUD menu

The ranks

There is 3 ranks in this server:

The Ultra rank
The Ultimate rank
The VIP rank

Don't think theses ranks needs true money to get they.  :D


Builders needed !!!!!
I want 4 Builders for making:
2 maps for Fight
1 map for Sprint Or Die
1 map for Mars Invasion

Problem with my xbox 360
Because i've got an Xbox one, my Xbox 360 when I want to play with my account don't want to play online... So, i'm going to try fixing this problem for continuing developpin this server.  :,(

If you want to checkout the forums for this server, go here
I don't know if i'll replay TMF...