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Introductions / Re: Hey
« Last post by Lunar on Today at 06:05:20 PM »
Welcome, have fun!
Your world / Re: rpg map and script ideas
« Last post by Lunar on Today at 06:04:16 PM »
Make an EXP/Level system where they can level up and earn prizes or unlock areas by killing mobs or whatever you can do in the map.
Questions and Answers / Re: Modding
« Last post by Lunar on Today at 06:02:50 PM »
Guys, that is if you only buy the hardware, but its not much more expensive to just buy the premade RGH Xbox with no labor needed, you cant mod unlockables in Horizon, it requires an RGH, and when you do get an RGH youll need a modded patch of TMF that requires a lot of C# knowledge and how to navigate through the games programming and the RGH.
Questions and Answers / Re: Where to find the Diablo?
« Last post by Lunar on Today at 06:01:14 PM »
If you are in the process of looking for a Diablo, I dont know why, but they are basically always in the lava of Hell 1, simply turn off Combat, go into the lava and find one and let it follow you out of the lava then turn combat back on and kill it.
Creative Features / Re: Challenge Me.
« Last post by Lunar on Today at 06:00:01 PM »
Message him on Xbox @crazytater94 and ask him to share it with you, he will give you his whole RPG pack which also contains the spells.
Creative Features / Re: HUD Menu!
« Last post by Lunar on Today at 05:59:04 PM »
I dont understand the question, could you go into more depth?
Total Miner Discussion / Re: Modders that greif. Watch out.
« Last post by Lunar on Today at 05:58:15 PM »
Liam are you saying me and Upspeak are actually griefers? If so I thought you knew me. And evenclaw, he wasnt building a crazy complex, he pastes this component full of op stuff in DD and survival in attempt to help people, he does it everywhere and for some reason he is very proud of it and shows it off.
 You can check out his youtube Chanel crazytater94.        Or ask him via message.
Questions and Answers / Re: Where to find the Diablo?
« Last post by Platinum Dryym on Today at 07:39:01 AM »
I had this problem when I was "helping" Mysterio find a diablo for the avatar so he could get demis. I think in order for them to spawn you need to be near equivalent skill level to them. I believe Craig changed the rules a while back so that high level mobs only spawn near players who won't be completely destroyed by them. As a result, This means that they don't seem to spawn at all in worlds with skills off.

If you are not a high enough skill level to find one with skills on (And are also not a high enough level to use a ruby sword.), You have 2 options.

1: Ask Mysterio how he did it.

2: Start up a dig deep world and get to the bottom where diablos spawn naturally due to mob spawners.
Fun House / Re: Please vote no!
« Last post by The Gold Knight on Today at 03:11:51 AM »
If you were actually sorry about it, you'd post it somehwere like the Fun House. Or, you know, not post it in the first place.
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