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I notice a lack of Rules for this category.
Granted, we probably don't need rules, but all the same I want to have some made.
Here are my suggestions.

1. Format
     This isn't so much a rule, but it seems people should know when to divide paragraphs. No one likes to read huge walls of text to get their stories. I know I sure don't, so try to add more paragraphs and divisions. (etc.)

2. Be kind
    Don't berate an author for writing in what you deem to be 'inadequate' style, be kind and use some constructive criticism. Try not to mess up people's stories with your goofing around.

3. Use spoilers
Spoiler for Hidden Content: It makes it so much easier to show different chapters or segments, and lets you navigate the page much easier.
   That's it for the "Rules", now for some tips I feel could help writers here.
   -Try to proofread, I assume there will always be spelling mistakes in         people's stories. Just try to fix them when they do happen.
   -Run your story though 'Word' or another publisher.
It really helps you with formatting, punctuation, and spelling.
   -There is a max for posts. Your post cannot exceed 20,000 characters (Not just letters) and will require you to add more posts. Keep this in mind (Thanks to Shorts/Tom for this one)
-This may be a given, but remember to update your story. It pays to keep people interested in your story

--More to be added.

That's all for now, please tell me below if you think I should add/remove/edit any of these rules. Thanks!
     EDIT: Thanks for the sticky! Also, thanks to everyone for liking it. :3

This seems helpful and informative enough to warrant a sticky, thanks for helping out

Zidane Tribal:
you took my own rules from the horse's mouth. gj :P

Maybe add that when writing a long story a single post cant exceed 20,000 characters or it wont let it be posted, this caused me to have to a second post for chapters of my story instead of keeping them together in a single OP (original Post)

Shorts the Environmentalist:
Tom, i was the first to do maybe i should be saying this lol....all rights reserved...


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