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[Help Needed] A few NPC Behavior questions


Enter The Void:
Hello! Been a long while since I've played or been on these here forums, hopefully people still check out these posts because i have a few questions!
I already tried to search the forums for this but couldn't find exactly what i needed.

I just found a way to import my worlds from 360 to PC, but since the NPC behavior update, all of my OG static statues started moving around, which is cool, and intended yes but I'd like to ask for someone to hopefully walk me through this and teach me about the new behavior system.


* Is there a way to change ALL of the NPC's at once back into the non moving ones?

* In one of the NPC behavior preview videos posted by Craig, he showed the "conversation" aspect, where it had a box and you could pick different things to say, is this doable still or was this not implemented?

 * How can i properly add a script to an NPC dialog? Before, when you'd initiate the dialog box it would activate the script, now i cant find any way to activate this, It just hovers over the NPC when they face me and I see the speech text, but no script activates, did i type the script in wrong or does the behavior have to be changed to accommodate?

Edit: I figured it out by messing with it.

Enter The Void:
Figured it all out by messing with it, the only thing I'm still curious about is how to stop all the NPC's in my map from facing the same direction until i go into their line of sight, not sure why they don't face me when i place them unless that changed also.


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