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: [Other] Reminiscence & A personal, Public thank you.  ( 4206 )

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[Other] Reminiscence & A personal, Public thank you.
« : March 28, 2019, 09:20:54 PM »
I first off just wanted to personally thank Craig, Not just for having created this game, But for being a great guy in general over the years I have known him. My life, And the lives of others have been changed in a permanent and positive way through this game. Through it I have both directly and indirectly been led to learn stuff I never would have otherwise. And I have been given friends stronger than any other.

The game may be ending now. But the impact it's had won't ever be forgotten. I think that's beautiful.

When I joined the forums almost 5 years ago, I honestly wasn't expecting much. But as of now I am one of the highest posters and I am just barely 3rd for topic posting. I got Robotic almost entirely due to forum posts, And it blew me away. I love this game. I love this community. If I had any regrets it'd be that I only ever hosted 2 maps publicly, And that one of them was a deathmine (albeit a fairly decent and well designed one.) However I joined so many maps, Saw so many amazing things, Had the time of my life. It's sad to see this game go, But I respect the man behind it. And my memories of it are enough for a lifetime.

Godspeed, Craig. I truly wish you the best for your future projects, And will support them just the same. /heidy

Creator of the term "Deathmine ©"
Jared [19|Oct 07:12 PM]: "It changes everything" Dryym


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Re: Reminiscence & A personal, Public thank you.
« #1 : March 29, 2019, 02:47:50 AM »
I'd like to put my own message here as well.

Wow, I'm actually really shocked that this game and the whole experience is coming to an end. Total Miner brought me through about 7 years of my life. I watched the game progress with creativity and the community followed. I am gutted that this is all over but I'm glad I've been here throughout the majority of it. Total Miner isn't just a game, the community of people that it has bought together has meant many people have been able to make new friends. I'm always going to remember this as a brilliant childhood memory.

I'd like to thank every member of this forum for just being around - every admin, mod, jr mod and global mod for keeping the place safe. I'd like tot thanks the Development team (Not just Craig also the previous Devs) and I'd like to thank the artists. I'd like to thank anyone who has put anything into TM, even if that's just a bit of hope.

Please do stay in touch with me over the Discord chat, this is such sad news :(

Thankyou all for being my friends,


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Re: Reminiscence & A personal, Public thank you.
« #2 : March 29, 2019, 01:24:18 PM »
I played the start of the year in 2012, just gotta say wow! I played this game more then any other game from 2012-2017 was my prime time!  I start the game at 16 years old, now I'm 23 and have my own kid so much has changed! I'm going to miss total miner. ):  just so sad ):  I get this weird feeling thinking back as well as a "smell type of sense!"    Good memory's!


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Re: Reminiscence & A personal, Public thank you.
« #3 : March 29, 2019, 01:35:26 PM »
December 13, 2013. I start my Youtube channel dedicated to Total Miner.

August 14 ,2014. My oldest surviving video, a tutorial build with crazytater94.

November 29, 2014. My first dig deep series with Jeff McNewmen.

December 8, 2014. My first scripting tutorial.

December 9, 2015. My first survival series.

March 28, 2016. My first world hop.

May 10, 2018. My first PC video.

Dec 23, 2018. The last piece of Total Miner content I uploaded to Youtube.

I am able to trace back 6+ years of my life through this game. When I first started playing this game, I was 13 years old. I wanted to go to law school and become a judge. When I started my dig deep series at age 15 with Jeff McNewmen, I wanted to become and air force pilot. When I was 17, I just finished the last video on my old channel, and I wanted to get a scholarship to play rugby at the University of Maryland. I am now 19 years old in my second year engineering program at U of Cincinnati, and my life is nothing like I thought it would be when I started playing when I was 13. As silly as it sounds, this game was a constant throughout my growing years. Many of you left such a great impact on me on how to be a good friend, how to find humor in everyday life, and how to enjoy life to its fullest. I can only hope I made half the impact on you all as the staff and community here did for me.

To the community members: I was truly blessed to be apart of this community and share my time with you. The laughter and experiences I have had with you all will stay with me for a long time.

To the staff and dev team: Thank you for creating what you have. To make something from nothing using only your two hands and the will of one's mind is the greatest blessing you can bestow on anyone, even if it is a silly block building game. Thank you for all you have done. Thank you especially Craig. If you ever make another game in the future, I will be the first to buy it.

"There is no real ending. It's just the place where you stop writing the story."

To anyone who wishes to keep in contact with me. Add me on snapchat. @HeyMrJeffrey

May Total Miner be forever remembered.

~Jeffrey (Nefty)
Here's a link to my Old Total Miner Videos Playlist

Here's a link to my Original Dig Deep Series

Here's a link to my Desert Survival Series

Here's a link to my Survival Let's Play

Here's a link to A Cool Cinematic


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Re: Reminiscence & A personal, Public thank you.
« #4 : March 31, 2019, 09:03:31 PM »
Ive had so many good times playing this game with my friends on 360 when I was young. Its sad to see it go. Thankfully i still have it installed on my xbox 360 that lies somewhere in this house, And also have it on pc still. I will just have to forge these new memories solo sadly.

Thank you craig for making these memories possible.


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Re: Reminiscence & A personal, Public thank you.
« #5 : April 01, 2019, 01:30:06 AM »
I can't resist.....Here we go,

I was 10 in 2011 when I got into Total Miner: Forge on Xbox 360 and I immediately fell in love with the game. Yes I did play Minecraft but I liked the feel of this was...cozy? I got my elementary school friends into Total Miner as well and we would talk about it at school during lunch. It was hard being the "peanut allergy" kid at school, I was tremendously bullied at this time, so my Total Miner Friends were treasure. Speaking of treasure, Exploring my first cave and mining...and mining until I heard that terrifying sound....was a great moment.

It wouldn't be until 2015 that I joined the forums and was welcomed by this community. I made so many friends and learned a lot. Whether it was scripting from Zoidberg or building from Crazytater or watching Monkey and Nefty's vids and wanting to start my own youtube channel. I remember doing a vid with Monkey and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. You guys really made my middle school years amazing, especially for a nerdy guy like me. Speaking of nerdy things, I fell in love with scripting. I would come home from 7th grade and type on my keyboard multiple scripts for my map Tragoris...while jamming out to some music. Yeah, drama sometimes was a thing, but it's bound to happen. I was immature then, as I was 14, but deep down I liked you all.

Now in 2019, I'm 17, almost 18 and I am graduating high school in 2020. I have a dream of being an A.I Developer working with machines and Robotics, going for a master's or even a PHD. I've been obsessed with robotics/machines and now its my passion. It stems from my deep will to make the world better with technology a sandbox...hmmm. I also started a YT channel this year as well. 2019 was my year...until I saw the post. I was saddened just like many of you, maybe even angry at first, but now I am happy. This game dominated my gaming life in the 2010's and this community was a home for me (Still is). I plan to stay on discord, so that's where I will be. If Total Miner does go open source, I plan on having fun with it. If not, I plan on savoring the memories of it. Regardless, whether this is the end of Total Miner's story or merely the end of a chapter I will always love this game.

Thank you Craig, you have impacted all our lives in a great way. You should be proud.

Thanks guys for an awesome Experience, one that I will remember for all my life.
I mean it with all my heart.

-Alexander (Vexon) (FoxyThePirateX1) (Android X1)


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Re: Reminiscence & A personal, Public thank you.
« #6 : April 01, 2019, 03:53:00 AM »
Wow, I loved reading these letters to Craig, I spend the last 2 days writing my own and still do no not think it expresses my feelings properly. I was going to post this in its own topic but I now believe it belongs here. Although I am not well known I have been around since the beginning.

Dear Craig,

   Thank you for creating Total Miner. When I first discovered TM I was looking for a game my daughter and I could play together. At the time she didn't really care to play games but she enjoyed watching as I played. TM was the start of her gaming life. I on the other hand have been gaming as long as I can remember, and have always wanted to create my own games. After playing TM for a month or so I saw on the forums you were looking for beta testers, at this time I was trying to learn programming with XNA Game Studio. I submitted an application to be a beta tester in hopes of seeing development from a professional side. I did not expect to be chosen, so when I received the email saying I was chosen I was ecstatic. Although most testing sessions were rather boring I still enjoyed them. My fondest memory was after a testing session you and I were the only ones still on. I was so frustrated with trying to learn programming that I sent you a message saying something along the line of "I wish I had the balls to ask you a question". You responded with "Just ask it".  This surprised me, as I figured I would get no response. My question was "I am trying to learn game coding and I have coded a game that I think would be a good game for the arcade block, but I don't know if the code is any good. Would you look at it and tell me what you think." To my surprise you said yes. After reviewing my code you told me a simple truth, "You lack the fundamentals of programming." Since that day I have admired you.

    When I heard TM was going to be released for the PC my first question was "WHY?!" and my response was "wahoo" and I voted for it to be Green Lighted. The day it was available for sale I purchased a copy for myself. I played it for about 30 minutes and said yep its TM and I still love it. Then I purchased a copy for may youngest daughter. She played for about 10 minutes and said its great but why cant we play with each other. I explained multiplayer was being worked on and wasn't part of the game yet. She lost interest as preteens usually do, later we tried the multiplayer mod which worked but not to our expectations.

   TM Mods, heck ya I had to try and make one so I recreated a mod I made for another game. Although the mod was in a different programming language with help from you and the others on discord,  I made it work. I love the memories I have of TM so much that I decided to publish the mod. This was the first time I have ever released my work to the public, and I was proud. I knew what I had to do next, a brick breaker arcade game, the original game I shared with you.
I worked on it a while and needed help, all the people in discord were helpful but again I was surprised when you gave me the answers to my questions which made every thing work. I was even more shocked when we were chatting about my mod and you remembered me from 7+ years and 1 conversation before. Again you were willing to help me. You made my Random Bricks Arcade Game worth playing with a few simple code tweeks and took the time to explain them to me. Then you went beyond and helped to convert the level layouts to be in game items. Your suggestions made everything so much better. Thank you.

Although it is sad that TM will not be continued, I hope you are not giving up on your dreams. If your dreams include a new game I will be overjoyed to be there and support you. If your dreams are else where I wish you the best of luck and say "Forgot about what every one else wants, follow your dreams, be there for your family, and never forgot what you have accomplished."

Go For It.
AKA Travis Smith.
« : May 06, 2019, 09:09:08 PM Rorthic »


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Re: Reminiscence & A personal, Public thank you.
« #7 : April 07, 2019, 01:02:23 PM »
Currently I am sitting A-Level Art alongside my other A-levels. Within Art I get to draw my friends as realistic as possible, using pencil. Quite recently I noticed a really cute girl within one of my classes, I can barely bring myself to speak to her so I thought I'll just ask to draw her so that we can have something to talk about. Some time later, after class I saw her, I caught up to her and very awkwardly asked her if I could draw her, she shouted at me "no". An embarrassingly painful experience which permanently changed me. Finding out that the game I've played since I was eleven years old (am now eighteen) is becoming abandon-ware, hurts me, just as much as that girl shouting "no" at me, having to let go of all those memories of "cobblestone city", my parkour map, and my mining map, 7 whole years of just memories, gone, in an instant. Furthermore not being able to ever play this game with my friends, hurts even more. I love this game, I love the people I played it with and the people I met.

I hope you can understand why I want this game to become open-source.


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Re: Reminiscence & A personal, Public thank you.
« #8 : April 30, 2019, 03:07:17 AM »
I'm not posting in this because i want a quick post count i'm posting in this because i wanted to when the announcement was made. I didn't because at the time of the announcement was made i was thousands of miles from my home, In New Jersey. And i planned my upcoming video from my cell phone. Anyway i want to thank a handful of members in the community. and i want to do it in a meaningful way because believe it or not the community shaped me to be who i am today. I went from a kid in yes middle school who didn't speak to nearly anyone and minded my bushiness i always ignored social situations to a graduated high schooler with a very little social anxiety. I go to local smash tournaments not that that means anything to total miner but it does the community because 6 years ago i would of never done that i wouldn't even talk to you online let alone in person. And that's why i want to make this post.

Below will be a spoiler if you been my friend please read.
Jeff Mcnewman- You been my friend since the very beginning we made many memories with each other whether it was playing on each others map or you asking me to record a video of your map. Heck i even remember playing WWE2K14 with you when i couldn't even talk in my videos because my mic was trash.

JD Dragon- JD has made my life fun and literally would tell me if i'm doing something stupid. He gave me his paintings for many of my maps something he didn't have to do but he did. I'm really glad we got to catch up last week and chat for a bit. it was really fun. and yes thank you for my copy of 7 day to die on ps4 if you get PS plus ill play it someday with you. P.S Thanks for talking to baldy for a hour while i was in the party quietly for a hour

Lady Lobo- Lobo helped me calm down she helped me break the barriers i had for years in my life She also was by my side in everything i did in the community she helped in my videos and even though they didn't work out they were really fun to make and hope we can make one again in the future even if it isn't total miner related. And i hope everything in your life is going good and hope to chat in voice again sometime in the future. It's a shame we didn't cross path the short time i was in Ohio but it happens.

Trubstep- me and you were off and on in friendship a lot and you always seem to think i sounded different every day. but i still think that's a you thing anyway no matter how many fights we had our fights made me slowly learn everything doesn't need to be a fight it can be a small disagreement. And yes my anger issues didn't allow me to see that for a really long time but thanks for being annoying for me to figure it out.

Dryym- I still hate spiders so if that's what you were hoping i would say no it's not in fact a spider landed on my mouse pad and i took that as a sign to get off for the night and go to bed. So still hate them. But even though you never chat on mic you were probably the closes micless friend i had. and im glad we got to meet.

B1ack W1dow- I hate spiders and after hearing your story black widows in general because there the only poisonous spider in my state and the first thing i look for in a spider is a red spot. i hate those things they look scary. But anyway thanks widow for taking me in under your wing after the robotic hunger games were i swam like a fish for a long time. I made it to the final two its a achievement. Do you still have that clip i would love that. but for helping me out and just chatting with me.

PWRBTTN- PWR your knowledge of scripts if i'm honest i didn't listen to some of it not to be disrespectful but because i didn't get it. But to be fair you knew anyway. But your knowledge may or may not have raised my IQ by some sort of percent. And i was jealous of the texture pack you got in with dryym.

Clerical- Thanks for giving me your component packs specifically the one with clericals balls... i may have read that out of context a few times in party's. And i hope that your pixel art remains to see light somewhere

Conmaan- We may have gotten off on the bad foot when you became tester in the discord but i hope we can put that aside and i hope you don't hate me after that but thanks for the laughs.

Nefty- we may have not have chatted a whole lot till the end of the games existence which is a shame as we could have been really good friends if we got to meet each other and hope we chat some time.

Crazytater94- Oh boy your ideas are wicked but your passion to total miner was amazing and i'm really glad we got to meet each other through the years playing the game and together we created some of crazyest videos (Who's Line is It Anyway and Your Contest videos) we made some memories. and i'm glad for that.

Zoidberg- I don't know if i said this but i should of thanks for helping create my Mysterio Awards 2014 stage set. You made that show possible and i missed you when you disappeared.

BOBsCAST- I know we still chat on a time to time frame but i hope our total miner journey don't end i really want to do one last collab with you we haven't done one in a really long time. But thanks for showing me Sword art Online and many other things and thanks for the countless hours of just playing around

Ugh ThatZ NaZty- Thanks for helping me with my builds and showing me your great particles our time in party's were great and i still wonder were you been. i know you chat with lobo ;)

Zone- thanks for the fun in the videos and showing me stuff i didn't know about the game.

Atlas- your giant golden spoon was humorousness to me in the day and honestly we should have modded that in the game by now.

Auras Calling- thanks for showing me the ropes when i was new. And allowing me to help out on your builds.

Ieyfo- your crazy skilling maps confused me for a long time and you always tried to get me to level up my skills and eventually do but i only worried about building and mining lol. But i never had the person to get me into deathmines and i'm glad for that. i still to this day don't get them. I miss my era of challenge.  our YouTube videos were interesting and i mean the before and after lol. Thanks for covering when i got  sick.

Foxy- thanks for hanging out when me you and lobo were in parties. even though you sometimes annoyed us you grew up and matured a lot over the years.

Casual Onion- For masking me join your game for like 2 hours to load it in and record like 4 mins of it. yeah i still remember that. And for interviewing me on pc on the didg deeper youtube channel

XBlToothpik- for allowing me and BOBsCAST  to be test pigs for the multiplayer mod you were making. i'm glad we got to meet and get that thing working before the closure of tm.

Fergie- Thanks for being cheerful all the time and dealing with me for so long and making the forums interesting when we were all bored. I still remember having like 15 YT Mysterio's on at a time.

Jim- Thanks for being my friend and always including me. Also for helping me gain confidence to get the demi gods on the xbox 360 version of total miner. i now can say i'm one of the few to own them on console.

Tom- thanks for clerfiying things about groups when they came out.

Bob- thanks for being a great forum admin and helping me get over my stupid drama. and thanks for picking me on MotM and Robotic. You helped me become active and stay active within this site. I hope it was worth it....

Craig- Thanks for making this game. without total miner i wouldn't have met all the above people and much more. I wouldn't be able to have made all 1k tm videos i made. and i wouldn't be able to grow with a game like i did total miner. Total miner was my childhood and it will be missed as much as i saw it coming. Thank you for my robotic and giving me the opportunities you gave me.

Friends who wouldn't see this- Empire God,HazexGaming,Buddyboy1,Frost Amibitions,Ares Zyro,H4zexFrost,Short Pants,ZJX Platypus,muD,Bl4nk,Bl4zeTheH4ze,Agykoo,Get Inn The Jet

I have many memories throughout this game and wont forget them. and i hope one day to have the opportunity to make many many more whether its in open source or from Craig restarting the project again. I also hope to play or chat with my Total Miner friends again and hope to make more memories with you guys in or out of the game.

My last words most certainly wont shape mine or anyone's total miner outlook its what we did through out the years that people will look at. And if there is anything i hope for the community to remember me as is for a decent human learning there way through life if i cant get that i understand why i put a lot of people through a lot of B.S and honestly i probably still will because i am human and i will always make mistakes but hopefully i will learn from those mistakes and i hope the people i wronged pull through and understand me as well. If i didn't get to meet you to a full potential due to previous crap i'm sorry and hope we meet some day else were and make that different i want to be friends with everyone and make everyone happy but i have preference and as long as you have those it will be impossible to be friends with everyone.

Back in 2013 i use to spell like a stupid monkey on there head typing things along the lines of Totel Miner and Rucking Fetarded. but over the years my spelling began to improve and i at least to this day have somewhat legible spelling and grammar and that's thanks to total miner because i honestly would have never had the desire to spell great again and to that i leave you with one last goodbye.

Thank You Friends!

/mm Thanks GK for Sig /mm
/mm MotM September '14 /mm
/mm Robo February '15 /mm
/mm 4th Demi Gods December '16 /mm
/mm YouTube: SOGMonkey /mm


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Re: Reminiscence & A personal, Public thank you.
« #9 : April 30, 2019, 07:43:38 AM »
It all started when I began browsing the indie games store. I found this gsme. I played it and fell in love with it. I soon joined the forums and met TONS of amazing people. I began to share my creations with the forums and everyone loved it. I loved checking out other maps and ideas others would post in the forums.

I remember waking up and checking if the new updates were available for download if it passed the process. I remember spending countless hours judt playing multiplayer maps and enjoying every moment. I remember playing on the moon and the “666” seed. I remember getting caved in with tons of gear.

Most importantly, I remember how much time craig has put into developing this game. Thank you Craig, you’ll have a beautiful future ahead of you. I got into coding just because of this game. Thank you for making my time spent on TotalMiner, an amazing 3632 hours of my life.

I love everyone who is part of this community!

       RHYMES! :D
Ice i will say, freeze i shall obey.


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