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PC Beta
« : March 22, 2018, 05:19:35 AM »
We are trialing a PC Public Open Beta for testing Total Miner updates.

This means anyone who owns the game can help us test updates before they are released to the Retail version.

To access the Beta, right click Total Miner in your Steam library, select Properties, click the BETAS tab on the properties dialog, and select the beta_open - Public Beta 2.xx in the dropdown. No pass code is necessary.

This board is where you post bugs related to the changes made in the Beta version. General bugs which also occur in the retail version should be posted here

Your Retail version save files are stored in \Documents\My Games\TotalMiner
Beta version save files are stored in \Documents\My Games\TotalMinerBeta

You are free to copy world folders or files from your Retail save files to the Beta save files to help you test with your existing worlds, but you won't be able to copy them back to Retail once they have been saved in the Beta version. So make sure you COPY rather than MOVE files from Retail to Beta.

Thanks for your help. Any help with testing updates is greatly appreciated.


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