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A change that I would love to see to the forums, is an option for moderators and other people of notable reputation (Or even the topic creator), to be able to mark a question topic as answered, so you can know to check the topic if you have that same question, as well as maybe highlight the post that has the correct answer, by making that post have a green outline.

This would not lock the topic, but it would just be a great way to organize that section a little better.

Would love to see something like this, I know that me and so many other would benefit from it though I think we would all still read the threads anyway.

I can agree with having something like this, it would be very helpful.

Even something as simple as changing the symbols of the topic which can be shown as a white piece of paper or a little yellow question mark, changing them to a green checkmark or something along those lines.

Brilliant idea, +1.

Lord Leo:
Good idea!


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