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:  A major change to controls for Inventory Manangement coming in 1.9  ( 11958 )

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For the last year and a half I have been watching videos of people playing TM for the first time.

By far the biggest problem players have when they first play is trying to work out how to equip items. They invariably open the Crafting screen, and try and do it there, which of course can be done by using a 'glitch', but is not the 'correct' way to do it.

So enough is enough, I've decided to fix this problem once and for all.

From 1.9, it will change.

The DPad is no longer used to open the Inventory Panel (equip screen).

The Inventory Panel is now opened by pressing X. This is not only the first button most gamers press after A, it also makes opening inventory more consistent with other voxel or RPG games.

Button Y remains as Prospect / Interact.

Button B now toggles Fly Mode. This is the change that will catch most people out for a while until they get used to the new control scheme. Particularly since to fly down, or fall, a player turns off Fly mode (Button B again), and then turns it on again before they hit the ground. Initially players will accidently press X from habit, and die. But don't worry, it doesn't take long to get used to.

So to recap:

Button A - Jump. Double tap - Double jump (this is why it wasn't used to toggle fly mode).
Button X - Inventory (equip).
Button Y - Prospect / Interact.
Button B - Fly toggle.

So how do we open the Crafting screen now? you might ask.

The Crafting screen is now opened by pressing X on the Inventory Panel. So to open it quickly, just double tap X.

You might think that's horrible... but actually, it works well, once you get used to it. And I'm absolutely positive it's going to make things a whole lot easier for new players.

Nb. A couple of other minor changes. In creative you now don't need shops. Just press DPad Left to open the block shop at anytime, anywhere, and DPad Right to open the Item shop.

Fly mode: You can now click Right Stick to toggle Locked Height flying. When you first turn Fly on, it will work how it does now. Click Right Stick and now when you fly, your height is locked. Click it again to toggle back to normal flying.
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